Wellness Account Information and Forms

The Triton Wellness Account fund has been created to allow eligible adjuncts to submit non-insurance-covered medical and prescription bills and receive reimbursement according to a points system. This is a benefit unique in Illinois. Any Triton adjunct whose name is on the union pool list is eligible to enroll in the Wellness Account program. Spouses and legal dependents are also covered.

The following is a brief summary of how the program works. More detailed information can be found in the contract, pages 67-68 and Appendix E. 

When an adjunct enrolls in the program, points are assigned according to educational level, seniority, and non-teaching activities such as committee work and professional development. Each point is given a value of $6.00. There is a possible reimbursement of a maximum of $2,000.00 per calendar year.

  • To enroll, please submit an Enrollment form each January to Human Resources (P Building, Room 105)
  • To get credit for non-teaching activities, the Assignment Request Approval form should be completed and submitted to the adjunct’s dean.
  • To submit a claim for reimbursement, Claim forms should be filled out and submitted with copies of receipts and, if the adjunct or dependents are insured, a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form from the insurance company.

The Enrollment form, Assignment Request form, and Claim form are linked below.

More information can be found in the contract on pages 67-68. A table showing how points are awarded is in the contract in Appendix E. The contract can be found here. It is advisable to read the contract.

If you have more questions, please contact Joe Klinger, Triton AVP of Human Resources, at joeklinger@triton.edu or call Human Resources, 708-456-0300, Ext. 3483.

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WAP Union Claim Form 06232015abc